Dr. Rebecca Newton, Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach and Speaker. Author of Authentic Gravitas.
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Who Stands Out and Why

Even my most successful clients describe how they would like more of one quality: gravitas. They want their words to have weight, to be someone who can “lead the room” regardless of their position, and to have a powerful, positive impact on the people around them.

In Authentic Gravitas, we look at the specific mindset, skills and behaviours of those who are regarded by others as having a high degree of gravitas – and how you can practically and authentically build these into your professional life. You can have gravitas and still be you.


Gravitas must be caused by an agent acting constantly according to certain laws, and Rebecca Newton has found those laws. It doesn't take confidence to matter, but it does take courage.

New York Times bestselling author of

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Newton, PhD, is an organisational psychologist, CEO of CoachAdviser, and Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics.



Rebecca has spent 20 years researching, teaching and advising clients on leadership, organisational change, culture, influence, gravitas and collaboration.

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